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Age (Reflections) by Suresh Rattan (60 page book)


Suresh Rattan’s birth certificate reads “1955”. At his age, signs of decline inevitably creep in, but Suresh doesn’t feel that old. In fact, he feels twenty years younger. He can even explain why. No wonder: He does research on age and ageing at Aarhus University. Thanks to evolution, we can’t imagine ourselves any older than 45. Biologically, we should just give up the ghost once we’ve raised a few carbon copies of ourselves. But for those of us who want to stick around a little longer, Suresh has devised a formula for eternal life. Let’s hope it works.

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In Age, biogerontologist Suresh Rattan delves into the fascinating biology and philosophy of aging.

Beginning with an exploration of the chemical origins and fundamental characteristics of life, Rattan then explains how gerontologists interpret human life as a continuum divided into four “ages.”

60 pages


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